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SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” For business owners and webmasters, this means optimizing their website and webpages for the search engines. This ultimately means making those pages the best possible so that search engines can find them and drive traffic to the site.When it comes to local SEO, the strategies and tactics used are very similar, with the exception that they are focused on optimizing local search. This means utilizing search engines like Google My Business and other directories, including local keywords, and ensuring that all content has a local focus.

By doing so, when customers hop online looking for a business in their area – something more and more customers are doing – they stumble upon the websites of a businesses that have what they need. But they’ll only find those businesses that have taken the time to optimize their online content for local SEO.

Our Local SEO Checklist

There’s a lot to remember when it comes to implementing local SEO strategies. This checklist will help keep everything straight, so you can just check off the tasks as you go.​

  • Create a Google My Business listing
  • Create additional business listings across all other directories
  •  Perform keyword reasearch
  • Create keywords
  • Analyze keywords 
  • Create great title tags
  • create great meta descriptions
  • Go mobile
  • Create tags for headings and sub-headings
  • Optimize URL structure
  • Implement Scheme markup codes
  • Obtain local citation
  • Get positive online reviews 
  • Create social media proiles
  • Bullet Point 2
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Search Engine Optimization

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