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  • Please select the plan that best fits your current needs. 3 & 6 hour ESP do not expire until the time has been completely used up. There is no carry-over time on the 1-hour per month plans.
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Whether your website is a brand new baby or an old work-horse, there are times when things need to be changed or updated. Most websites today allow a site owner to make many of the usual change (phone number, address, new pages, modifying page content, adding images and forms, etc.) using easy to use editors. But no matter how simple, sometimes there are not enough hours in the day. Or the changes you need made cannot be made without knowing how to modify the code.
You may find that you need some additional functionality added or want some new graphics created or images resized, modified, and optimized to fit your site. When these necessities arise, you can contact your original website designer and request these changes but typically these small one off changes are expensive and depend on the availability of your designer.
Maybe you no longer are in contact with your designer or do not know how to contact them. What do you do then?
What do you do if you do not know how to edit your site? Or the person who was in charge has left the company?
The answer to these questions is simple. Just call us. We can work on most website platforms. Whether you need design changes or code changes or something between, we can help.
If you choose our Essential Support Package you can save even more as we will work with you in ¼-hour increments. No need to pay for a whole hour of time, to make a quick 10 minute change.
Talk about savings. The Essential Support Packages are available in 3 different sizes to fit your budget and needs. Our normal on-demand fees can run as high as $125 per hour with a 1-hour minimum. This could result in being charged $125 for a simple fix that took less than 15 minutes. That block of time would have cost you less than $21 for the change vs. the $125 without the Essential Support Package.
1. 3-Hour Essential Support Package – provides 3 hours of support billed in 1/4-hour increments (12 units @ $25 ea.) with no expiration until fully used. 
Selling price $300.
2. 6-Hour Essential Support Package – provides 6 hours of support billed in 1/4-hour increments (24 units @ $20.84 ea.) with no expiration until fully used.
Selling price $500.
3. 12-Hour Annual Essential Support Package – provides 1 hour per month (4 units per month @ $20.63 ea.) Expires at the end of each month. Additional time used during the month will be billed at the same 1/4-hour unit rate.
Selling price $82.50 per month billed annually.
Quarterly and Monthly billing available – View Order Form Drop Down for pricing options.