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The Wednesday Webinar is a weekly conversation held by ProFusion to engage and educate Proforma owners about web solutions. The topics vary each week and are archived here for future playback.

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Course Structure

How to perform a website review?

This video will show you some ideas on how to quickly scan a website and make suggestions for improvements.

Recent projects and pricing tool

In this Tuesday Talk we look at a couple recent projects. They projects are:

  • Proformaconnections.com - using a landing page + email marketing to support a direct mail campaign
  • proforma-bms.com - using a landing page with gravity forms to take orders for a client

Then we take a look at how to price a web solution using the online pricing calculator.

GDPR - Why is eveyone updating their privacy policy?

As of May 2018, you may have noticed that seemingly everyone has updated their privacy policy. This is a direct response to the General Data Protection Regulation that was just published by the European Union (EU).  This video will walk you through some of the GDPR basics and how you can make sure your site is compliant.

SSL - Secure Socket Layer

What is an SSL certificate and why should I have one on my website? This video will answer just that.

Hosting and Security

A brief talk about what comes with ProFusion hosting and why we take security so seriously.

Online Voting Solution

ProFusion has created an online voting solution specifically for membership organizations. This platform was originally created for food co-ops, however, it has been successfully deployed by many organizations. Learn more about this solution here.

Adding “Web Solutions” to your Proforma Website

This Tuesday Talk shows you how to add a Web Solutions page to your Proforma website.  The documents needed can be downloaded from the zipped file below.

Necessary Files:

The zipped folder contains:

  • Text instructions on how to create the Web Solutions page
  • Banner image
  • Text for short description¬† (In Word doc)
  • Text for long description (In Text file)

Download the Zipped Folder Now.

A lesson on SEO: Keywords

In this Webinar, Bob takes you through what a keyword is and how to do effective keyword research

How to read a website audit

In this session, we review a website audit created by ProFusion

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