Our Services

Website Design

The website design is the actual look and feel of the website. This could be a custom design created just for the client, or a simple modification of an existing website theme or template.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is quoted on a client by client basis depending on needs and schedule. When we estimate email marketing, we attempt to keep the client margins at or close to 50%.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines rely on clues from the web page they are crawling to gather insight on what the page is all about. Analyzing the content in context allows the Search Engines to determine relevant pages.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is part art, part science in interpreting what the search engines are doing when they analyze a page and then attempting to provide a more clear path to the search engine crawlers.


Hosting is an annual cost that pays for the server storage that a web application uses. Additional hosting revenue sources are SSL Certificates, Website Statistics, Domain Based Domain Registration/Renewal.


Requires more than just technical knowledge. It’s about not only knowing the what, but also being able to understand the why.

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